i would like to make a suggestion for the overture


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Im a new owner of the overture and its a fantastic overdrive but i have a suggestion:
It would be very usefull if while selecting a preset and moving parameters the overture could have us understand where the values were positioned otherwise understanding where these values were positioned becomes complicated, a la Strymon for example..

Thank you..
Do you mean some kind of display that shows a bar graph or some other representation of the parameter that's currently being adjusted?
I mean that when I move the gain or treble etc. a Led flashes and stops when I am on the exact value in which I had saved the preset, for example it could flash red and then stop on the green color on the correct value..
Turn on Value Lock in global settings (using the editor). When this is on, it'll do pretty much what you're requesting.
Great news, reading the user manual I must have missed it, now I'm even more satisfied with my Overture..
Thank you very much..