IA momentary switch that keeps LCD status


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It would be nice to have a IA momentary switch that behaves as a normal one with respect to the ON/OFF message policy, but each time the switch is pressed, the LCD changes (and keeps) its state as a latching type switch.
This because there are devices (for example Lexicon PCM81 and PCM91) that can be bypassed using a momentary MIDI switch, and It would be helpful to remember if the state of the device is bypassed or not. With a normal momentary IA switch I can bypass/not-bypass the devices but I have no reference on the LCD about the bypass state.
Moreover, due to the fact that some devices store the bypass status as part of the preset and other devices don't (i.e. when a preset is loaded is never bypassed), it would be nice to control the initial state of the LCD to set the status correctly.


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Instead of using a Momentary button, turn off Momentary, and use a CC Momentary action instead of CC Toggle - that's the exact purpose for CC Momentary actions.