Issues accessing Presets/ Page Redirection during preset selecting


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I have my PBC 6x setup where page 1 is a directory page, page 2-5 are pages where I can access certain pedals and midi, then page 6 is where I access songs and presets. However I am running into an issue when selecting presets from songs on my 6th page. I have a bank up and down button that selects songs and all the presets list correctly under those songs. The issue occurs when I select presets from my songs on Page 6, I get sent to Page 3 (MIDI).. I have no idea why I am being sent to page 3 there is no clear indication for an action, or a setting in global settings nor a local page configuration that points to me being sent to that page by certain presets instead of remaining on Page 6 to continue selecting other songs and presets. Some presets send me to Page 3 (Midi) and some don't.. I have not been able to find any difference that would cause this between my presets. I haven't gone through every preset, but I have been troubleshooting one song that has 2 presets that work and 2 that don't.

Song example: Ginseng Hourglass
Dirty|Ginseng Hourglass---------- works normally
CHRDS|Ginseng Hourglass------- turns on preset, then send me to page 3 (midi)
Clean|Ginseng Hourglass -------- works normally
Heavy|Ginseng Hourglass--------turns on preset, then send me to page 3 (midi)

Am I overlooking something? I feel like I have tried everything I can at this point and still can't identify why I can't get songs and presets to work properly for this configuration.


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You have "MIDI" buttons on pages 1, 2 and 3. These buttons have Send on Preset Change and Update on Preset Change turned on, which means that they can be programmed to automatically turn on or off for each preset. The ones on pages 2 and 3 are programmed to turn on in certain presets, which causes an automatic switch to page 4 when you switch to those presets. I imagine this is unintentional.

If I'm right and you don't want the buttons to trigger automatically, the fastest way to fix this is to edit all of the "MIDI" buttons. Turn off Send on Preset Change and Update on Preset Change, and turn on Momentary. This will make sure the button only triggers when you press it, and that it will cause a page change every time you press it.
Thanks for the quick Response! I made those changes to my config file, but wont be able to test it until tomorrow. I noticed that a lot the buttons have the send on preset change and update on preset change turned on and momentary turned off. I have not done this intentionally. Would it be advantageous to switch the other buttons that route to other pages on page 1-5 the same way as midi since they are buttons that are meant to be routes to other pages. for example, Dry, Wetmod, H9
Yes, any IA buttons that change pages should be set the same way, for best results.