Kemper Preset Names


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Im having a hard time downloading the preset names from the Kemper. I watched a video on how to do this with the Axe, but it won't work for kemper. I get to the point where the bar graph just sits there. I let it be for a few hours and not a single progress. Any thoughts?


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Things to look out for:

- You need connections from MIDI In to MIDI Out and MIDI Out to MIDI In between the Kemper and LT.
- Alternately, if you have a phantom power box or another way to combine the connections on the GT side, that will work, but you have to have Bidirectional MIDI enabled on the LT.
- Make sure you have the latest firmware on LT and Kemper.

I've attached the LT manual. It has a few pages specifically on the Kemper that lists all the steps.


  • Mastermind LT Manual-4.2.pdf
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