Loops 1 & 5 stay on for all presets

Big Lid

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Not sure how I got that to happen but loops 1 and 5 are on at all times.


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Ah, I see, I was thinking PBC. That sounds like the loops were locked on using the MEGX editor software. You can use the MEGX editor to unlock them (in the Global Defaults page)
Loop 1 is not on in the Global settings of the MEGX editor. Now I can't get loop 1 to turn on when I set it within the MEGX editor. If I manually engage loop 1 and save it via the buffer button, it saves and works. I'd love to get the editor and MEGX on the same page but it seems like the editor isn't really connecting/saving properly.
What happens when you do a "Save Settings to Device" in the MEGX Editor? And, double check that the MEGX's MIDI channel is set to 5 in the MEGX editor.