Mastermind LT & Ramble Kismet


Hello! I've posted a few times recently regarding both my Mastermind PCB/10 and my LT on my smaller board... so I'm using a RambleFX Kismet to utilize the 100 presets that are included. But it doesn't seem to be changing preset slots with the PC messages the LT is sending to it. I've gone over my file here and am hoping that it's an easy fix. I essentially want each preset to increment up after PC 6 on the Kismet. But each PC message to the Kismet is not recognized and it stays on the same bank slot. I know the Kismet is getting PC messages, but it is changing on my "Manual" page that changes the Kismet between bank 2 and 3.

Any advice? My file is attached.


  • LT Kismet not workig721.rjs
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You have an OD/Boost button that is programmed to send PCs to the pedal. It also has Send on Preset Change turned on, which means that it will send its PC message every time you change preset. So, your preset might be programmed to send PC6, but that button will send PC3 after, which overrides your PC6.

Turn off Send on Preset Change on that button, and it should allow the preset specified program changes to come through.