MM LT + RG + MEG-X w/DAW question


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Hello! I own a Rack Gizmo and MM LT. I’d like to add a MEG-X for use with Radial Stereo EXTC for controlling guitar pedals into my DAW(Pro Tools) aux sends/returns.

I’d like to know if the LT which is connected to the RG via its interface cable and also connected to my DAW/Mac via USB can send Midi to both the RG and the MEG-X simultaneously. I also have a midi interface which could be used to connect the MEG-X to the DAW.

I’m assuming this is possible but haven’t tried it.

Look forward to your guidance!


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Yes, it's possible. Connect the MEGX MIDI input to the MIDI output of the Rack Gizmo, set it to a different MIDI channel than the RG, and create a separate device entry for the MEGX in the LT's devices list.