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I will be purchasing a Multibox in the near future to add to a rig Im building, but while reading the Quick Start Manual I had a couple of questions...

I understand the internal jumper configurations and their applications... all but one.

This is the passive/active configurations of JP14/JP15.

I have been told by an RJM rep that "Switching it to passive connects pins 4 and 5 of the main MIDI input jack directly to pins 4 and 5 of the main MIDI output jack. This feature is there primarily to allow the MultiBox to act like our phantom power box, including the fact that it wouldn't require a power supply in this application. But most of the other jacks would not work without a power supply, so keep that in mind if going the MultiBox route."

I was wondering if there is a diagram with this application as I am more a visual learner for things like this. If anyone can provide a diagram with this internal jumper application I would appreciate it so I can understand when you might need to use it.

The Quick Start Guide also says that "Other configuration diagrams are available at" but i have not been able to find any...

Any and all help would be appreciated!
It looks like there's something wrong with the formatting on our web page, the links to the diagrams are blocked from view currently. I'll make a note to fix that. The diagram you're looking for is attached.

The only reason you would use a passive setup like that is if you only need to combine MIDI in and MIDI out into a bidirectional MIDI connection. This can be done without needing to provide power to the Multibox if it's set up to be a passive connection. In this configuration, only the MIDI In / Phantom Power Out, MIDI Out and MIDI In / MIDI Thru jacks will function.


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