My PBC10 board


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Greetings all,
I’ve mostly lurked and occasionally posted here, but never got around to sharing my board… mainly because it wasn’t in a fit state to share!

Anyway, here it is, after much fiddling and tweaking. It’s on a Temple Audio Trio 28, and almost all the wiring (audio and MIDI) was done by Duane at Revelation Cable Company ( Can’t recommend them highly enough! The audio is all BTPA CA-0678 cable with Square Plugs connectors. The loop send are in one colour (sea foam) and the returns in another (blue). The cable routing on the underside is not brilliant, but should keep things from dangling and snagging (potentially painful!).

Signal path is:
Loop 1: Slide Rig
Loop 2: EP Booster
Loop 3: Fallout Cloud
Loop 4: MD 500 (pre)
Insert 4/5: Golden Boy
Loop 5: Minstrel
Loop 6: input/effects loop send of Amp1
Loop 7: Maiden
Loop 8: MD 500 (post)
Loop 9: Echosystem
Loop 10: Ventris
PBC output A to the effects loop return of Amp1

Power is a Cioks DC7 and a Strymon Ojai R30. There’s a Midi Solutions Quadra Thru and a Disaster Area Midi Box 4 handling the midi routing.

I’m pleased with having got it to this point. Now have to go make more music with it all!