New board with PBC 6X and Overture


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So my new pedalboard is done, and what a joy! Couldn't be happier with the result and the high quality of Bruno's work from Tone Design here in Quebec, Canada. Everything is tight and sturdy, and the sound quality is phenomenal...absolutely no tone loss. I've built some small simple pedalboard with my PBC 6x before, but I never really digged into the midi and all that stuff, and this switcher is so powerful. I really love this board!

So about the pedalboard routing, it goes like this:

  • Tuner (guitar in)
  • Freqout
To PBC 6/X:
Loop 1 - Tiny-Vibe
Loop 2 - Octaland
Loop 3 - Groovy Wizard
Loop 4 - PS-6
Loop 5 - Mobius
Loop 6 - KTR
Loop 7 - Overture
Loop 8 - Source Audio Atlas (Digitech Drop as a filler for now)
- PBC 6/X to Amp' input

FX Loop: - Source Audio Collider & EQ2

Custom patchbay:
  • To amp's input
  • FX Send
  • FX Return
  • Amp Footswitch
I still have the unused Insert loops that I can use to test pedals, so it will be useful with a board like that!