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I consider it done*.

Pedalboard based on RJM Mastermind PBC.

1: Electro Harmonix POG
2: Fulltone OCD
3: AMT Little Loudmouth Volume
4: Chase Bliss Wombtone mkII (Phaser)
5: Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl mkII (Chorus)
6: Empty
7: Chase Bliss Tonal Recall (Delay)
8: tc electronic Hall of Fame Mini (Reverb)
9: Chase Bliss Gravitas (Tremolo)
10: Zachary Tone Lube (on all the time)

All loops are mono, all buffers are on all the time and the signal is split at the end to 2 amps. The tuner kills outputs A and B.
All buttons on the PBC are for live playing, the external 2-button switch with expression knob (bottom left) is for accessing different button pages, making presets, … (this way, I can disconnect this switch and the PBC becomes foolproof during live performances).
All Chase Bliss pedals receive midi from the PBC via an Empress Midi Box: preset changes with Expression pedal overrides on almost all presets.

IMG_1332.jpg IMG_1330.jpg IMG_1333.jpg IMG_1323.jpg IMG_1321.jpg

* Almost... One day I will paint all pedals either black or white, but that 's the crazy talking.
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