Option to have presets live within a song


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I really like the workflow that Helix has, and would love a way to do something similar with Mastermind. Their terms are a little different, but in general a preset was unique to a song. I could copy a song and tweak the presets inside of it as needed without messing with the settings for the other song. It saved a lot of time to just have a generic song with clean, drive, boost, fuzz, etc. Then copy it, change the bpm, and tweak the presets as needed for that specific song.

So I guess what I'm suggesting is to have the option to change the hierarchy so a song can be the parent and contain it's own distinct presets. Changing the drive preset in 1 song wouldn't change it in another song.
You can do this on a Mastermind: When creating a new song, copy presets into it using the "Copy To Preset" or "Copy From Preset" menu options, accessed by right-clicking on names in the preset list. This will give you copies of presets from another song. Editing one will not affect the other.
As Ron mentioned it's definitely possible to do this with Songs on the PBC where you can have a baseline/generic song and then copy from/to and change up the bpm and the presets in that song. So there's clarity in terminology, on the Helix you can create a new 'Preset' for each 'Song' and then customise the Snapshots or Stomps in that preset for whatever that song needs. Those settings are then unique to that preset/song and don't affect other presets/songs. On the PBC this works a little different. A 'Song' is created (with BPM) and then you choose which of your 'Presets' you want to use in that 'Song'. Effectively in your use case, a Song on the PBC is equal to a Preset on the Helix - and Presets on the PBC is equal to Snapshots on the Helix.

If I'm understanding correctly, you want to be able to tweak the PBC's presets for different songs without those changes affecting other songs.

If so, you'll need to take a slightly different approach. Instead of treating the PBC's 'Song' as a standalone preset - treat it as a shell which can link to any of the presets you've created. If you make any changes to one of those presets - those changes will occur in every song which links to them. E.g. Both Song 1 and Song 2 use a Crunch preset that has Loops 2 and 3 active. After playing through Song 1 with the Crunch preset and starting Song 2 you decide that the Crunch tone needs more gain in Song 2 so you change the active loops to 3 and 4 which has a higher gain pedal - sounds great. The impact of making the change at a preset level however is this Crunch preset will now universally have loops 3 and 4 active regardless of the Song you call up.

The work around is to create presets with the different shades of tone you'll call up in a song. That may mean you have a Crunch -, Crunch, Crunch + with various levels/types of gain, or, Crunch Dry, Crunch Room, Crunch Ambient for different levels of wet effects. Then when you create the Song list in the Editor you can then customise which presets are nestled within the Song. This is how I approach it and it works for me when I need specific tones immediately recalled.

Hopefully this is what you were hoping to achieve. Otherwise disregard :)