Overture PC bug with PBC 6X



My Overture was working just fine the other day, and now it has this bug, where it don't respond correctly to program changes.
I did a factory reset, and used empty presets on my PBC with sequential settings, but as I scroll through them, it seems to be stuck
on the 2nd preset, and you can see lights glitches when I'm changing presets. I tried different midi channel, unplugged/re-plugged everything,
with the same result. All my other midi pedals work as they should. Is there some kind of "hard reset" that can be done with the firmware. It has the v1.3.2 at the moment.

Here is video to help understand the issue. Thanks for the help!

Most likely, you have one or more buttons programmed to send PCs to the Overture, and those buttons have Send on Preset Change turned on. You have to keep in mind that every button on every page that has Send on Preset Change will send its messages every time you change presets. Your Mastermind preset may be sending one PC message, but all of your buttons are also sending PC messages, so you may not be getting the desired preset.
Should I turn off this option on every buttons then, because they have been ON before, without causing this issue.
The Overture seems to not reading the PC changes correctly. I did a factory reset, and the 5 first preset on my PBC
are each sending a PC change from 1 to 5. The result now is that on the four first presets, the Overture select preset #2,
and on the last one, the Overture select preset #1, when it should be #5.

I'm putting my PBC in attachment, if someone wants to take a look at it. In the meantime, I will test the Send on Preset Change thingy.



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