Parallel Effects getting dry dignal


I have mini effects gizmo and mini line mixer. I believe they are connected properly to my amp effects loop (series). I have various delay and reverb (just mono) between the mixer (using right only connections) and gizmo and Kill dry is on each pedal. I am still getting alot of dry signal with mix all the way up on pedals. For example, when I try my LVX straight into amp with mix all the way up, it is what i would expect...very wet sound. But in parallel getting way too much dry signal. I also had to easy back the level on mixer (usually at 12) because it was much louder than amp would have been without it connected. Not sure what I am doing wrong here! Any ideas or diagrams? I do have another pedal before connecting into amp return..maybe that is issue?


Staff member
Can you write down a quick drawing of how everything is connected? Or just a quick description of all connections?

Are you sure that your amp's effect loop is serial? If the amp's loop is parallel, that would explain the issue.