Setting outputs A and B as independents

So you can do this in a round about kind of way. I run a stereo wet dry wet setup. I split my signal coming into my board with a custom Goodwood audio junction. Then I have my dirt pedals in loops 1-4 and those are switchable with the 4/5 insert point. So in the first configuration they with just go as an output to my dry amp, and my other signal goes to loops 5/6 and my wet effects in 7-10. The second configuration eliminates the output on the 4/5 insert and uses the loops in the standard order. By doing this I get 2 very different output options, but it does require you to have some kind of line splitter at some point either before you PBC or between loops 4/5 or 6/7. Hope this helps, get creative with it and you can really get some crazy sounds.