Upscale version of PBC10 with small windows for each button (looks like GT/10)

Chuck Hanning

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Hi Ron,
I like everything that the PBC10 provides but would like to have the changing labels from the GT line of products with the functionality of the PBC line.

As such if you had an upscale version of the PBC10 that had the labels of the GT that would be great.

Alternatively I have thought about trading in my PBC10 for GT10 with one or two mini effect gizmo X's but really miss the line mixer aspect that is built into the PBC10 for loops 7-10. Not sure if you are ever considering an updated version of your line mixer (Series, parallel, with dry signal) as "Mini Effect Gizmo X-line" as a workaround to this problem.

As I have gotten better at programming the pages for the PBC10, I forget what each button means on each page, and would like little LDC screens for each button.

Just a thought.....

Thanks for all that you do,