Usb hub for 2 x MEGX


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I am using 2 MEGXs, carefully (inconveniently) buried deep inside a pedalboard.

Does anyone here using 2 MEGXs use a USB hub that can be used so that both MEGXs can be always connected to it via USB-C cables, so that you can edit settings on the one MEGX, and when you're through editing that MEGX, you can open the settings file for the other, scan for the other MEGX, and edit its settings - all without needing to dig down into the pedalboard to switch cables?

Which USB hub can do this?


Resyn T
Any USB hub should be able to do that. You don't need anything fancy. A basic USB 2.0 hub will be fine (and is actually more likely to be compatible than a faster hub).

Just make sure to connect one of the MEGXs by itself and use the editor to change its Sysex ID and display name to be different than the other. This way, you'll be able to tell them apart in the MEGX editor menu.
Thanks. An update: connected both MEGXs straight to a nearby iConnectivity mioXL. Takes a few seconds for the units to show up in the Scan field in the editor, but they do show up. Both reading from, edting presets, and writing to each unit works fine - so much more convenient now!