VOLUME PEDAL: Where should it go?


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I'm building a rig and I'm using the Mastermind LT and Mini Effect Gizmo X.

I LOVE RJM! It's MAKING MY DREAM RIG COME TRUE! I'm Split-Mono on all my loops on the MEGX and have pedals routed in front and in the amp fx loop via the MEGX.

But I'm curious where I should put my Volume Pedal? I don't want to lose a loop in the MEGX... so where should I put it to be effective at lowering volume without coloring or duling my tone and not lose a loop in the MEGX?
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If you're using the amp's effect loop, I would recommend putting it in between the amp's loop send and the MEGX's insert loop return. That'll allow you to do swells when delay and reverb are on, but will keep the overall gain tone the same.