Your PBC6X / HX Stomp set ups


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Yeah, you can set up the PBC however you want - that's the beauty of it! I could easily do something similar to what I do now by having a page on the PBC dedicated to navigating between PBC pages - it just means more taps required to get where I want to go. The advantage of the second controller is being able to do what you want to do in less taps than would otherwise be required.

Dimitri Papadimitriou

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I'm thinking I can try and keep the Page/Store button in its stock place so I can always access and return back and then make the other buttons on that first page to take me to other pages. Like you, use a drives, modulation, delays, setlists, HX snapshots and then HX blocks (to access just particular blocks like a regular board). I tried the blocks set up and mapped out 5 IA buttons on that page to coincide with footswitches, but I think that may have messed up some other things because when I switch around some of the blocks stay on. I think I need to make a button group for those?

Another question.... I use an external two button Analog Endeavors controller to scroll through pages of the rjm currently. Do the controls I assign those buttons stay the same on every single page? As in, they are fixed no matter what? I ask because on my presets page, the bank up and bank up down are the ones that come stock on the PBC6X. But, when I go to my HX snapshots page and if I want to combine snaps and blocks like you did on your template....would I be able to assign the external switch to control toggling up and down through HX presets?



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Switching between pages shouldn't reset your presets. The only thing that should do that is actually changing presets. If things are staying on/off during a preset change when they shouldn't be, then open each of those buttons and make sure the "Update State On Preset Change" is checked. Another potential way a loop might stay active during a preset change is if you have buttons on multiple pages that control the same thing, and "IA Link" is not checked on all of them.

I believe external controls are global, but I may be wrong. I haven't used something like that in a long time. The manual will probably say either way.

Dimitri Papadimitriou

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Have a question. So I rearranged page 1 of my buttons pages to serve as a home page to take me to other button pages. For example, I set a button to access the drives button page, modulations, presets, HX stomp page, etc.. I made them IA buttons. The action is to Action type: System, Subtype: Page and then I tell it which corresponding page to go.

When i write the settings, it seems to default to the page but the bottom four buttons are always presets. Does page 1 always default to presets?


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Have a look at your page 1 buttons, make sure that they don't have the Global checkbox turned on. Also, double check your IA buttons and make sure their type is set to IA and not Preset.

Dimitri Papadimitriou

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I took your advice Drew and tried this

Home/IA store on every page
External two button switch for bank up and bank down. Bank up has a hold for tuner

Page 1 for presets
Page 2 is hone w navigation buttons
Page 3 is loops 1 (1-6)
Page 4 is loops 2 (7-9 bc of split mono) insert loop, 2 fn switches
Page 5 is HX 1 (6 buttons control 6 blocks via cc messages on my main Hx preset
Page 6 is HX 2. Here is where I want the option to do 3 snaps and 3 buttons dedicated to looper functions. Cant figure out how to stop recording and also how to call up the looper when I want per presrt sonce its on its own Hx page
Page 7 is Dlyvrb (I figured out how using cc to turn on and off delay and verb in SA Collider individually) but it doesnt seem to stick depending on preset changes. I think the pc and cc messages are not playing nice