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    More "forgiving" tuner mode triangles?

    +1 on this. would be nice to see the tuner get some love. I've also noticed with my louder active basses, the tuner tends to jump around A LOT (especially on A E and B strings) making it near impossible to tune. This can be remedied by adjusting the EQ on said basses until the tuner...
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    Editor: ability to select/drag/drop multiple songs in a setlist

    Would be nice to be able to hold shift or ctrl to select multiple songs within a setlist and move them as a group
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    IA action to change clock division

    Name says it all. would be awesome to be able to program a button to change the tempo division of the auto-tap/midi clock
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    sustained midi notes?

    I am using a momentary IA button to send midi notes, but I cannot get the notes to sustain while the button is held. Is this possible to do?