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    PBC/6X Using Insert Cable on Output

    Great - thank you!
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    PBC/6X Using Insert Cable on Output

    Random insert cable question - If I run a mono signal out of my 6x while a stereo Y insert cable is plugged in, will that send my mono signal to both the tip and ring sides of that cable like it would a normal patch cable? I have a really compact board set up in stereo but I'd like to run it...
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    Increased Character Limit for Preset Names

    I think it's 31 characters right now? I name everything "Preset 1 | Song Name", "Preset 2 | Song Name", etc. It's pretty common that I run out of characters due to longer song names or differentiating between two songs with the same name. An increase would be a small but helpful upgrade to...
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    Input change overriding all presets PBC/6x

    Bumping this - I would love this feature. I use inputs 1 and 2 on the 6x (one for a cable and one for wireless). To be able to toggle between them globally on the switches page would make life easier
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    Bluetooth Connectivity

    I'm sure this would only be for future hardware releases, but Bluetooth connectivity would be awesome to connect devices to the Mastermind Editor. Not sure how difficult that would be to implement.
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    Stereo Loop Signal Routing Clarification on PBX 6x

    I'm running a maxed-out PBC 6x with loops 4-5 and the insert loop in split mono. I have a Walrus Julianna in loop 6 running in stereo. I have the loops running in default order, which puts the Julianna in loop 6 of 10. The signal comes out of the 6x in stereo. In the manual on page 11...
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    Toggling Between Expression and Volume with 1 Dunlop Volume X

    Sounds great, thanks. Is the Dunlop Volume X just a normal TRS cable? I found information about the Dunlop Mini but I'm finding mixed answers on the Volume X. Anyone using one with the expression out with the PBC 6x?
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    Toggling Between Expression and Volume with 1 Dunlop Volume X

    I'm curious to know if anyone is doing this or has done this successfully. Seems like it should work, but I wanted to check first before I dive in and order cables. I have a Dunlop Volume X and a PBC 6x. The Volume X has a separate expression pedal output jack. If I connect EXP on the Volume...
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    Mini Effect Gizmo Discontinued?

    Sounds great! - 2 quick questions: 1) Does that mean that we don't need stereo TRS cables if we're running pedals in stereo? (that would be awesome) 2) When you say no parallel mixing - does that mean we won't be able to sum to mono if we have it run wired in stereo?
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    May 2021 Pedalboard

    Just finished this board last month. Would like to add a mini effect gizmo and run the last few pedals in stereo, but very happy overall!
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    Mini Effect Gizmo Discontinued?

    That's cool, thanks for the update. If you need beta testers... :cool:
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    My New PBC-6X Board

    That rehoused DD-20 is awesome!
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    Sending Tempos to Multiple Devices Using Single Function Switch

    I probably won't mess with it then, it's something I can live without haha. Thanks for clearing that up. Edit: Just an update in case this helps anyone, I am currently sending audio taps to a Walrus Audio Monument V2 and Diamond Memory Lane Jr using a Y cable and it works perfectly.