“Song” button pages


Ability to enable one (or ideally even more) “Song” button pages that are unique and customizable per song. It would be similar to local button page. When enabled for a particular song, the unique “song” button page would be available at all times while that song is selected, like any other of the standard 16 button pages. It would not be recalled by choosing any particular preset. It would be recalled or accessible through page up/down or IA action, just as the other button pages. Ideally the “Song” button page could be placed at any place in the page order—for example, first page shown or second page seen with page up or fifth page, etc.
Was was literally google searching for this, and I saw your suggestion. Couldnt agree more, this would be an amazing addition! Surprised there is no way to make per-song buttons. A per-song button page would solve this for sure. Love it!
More specifically, I would like to associate an IA button with a song. That IA button would also be "pointed" at a target preset to perform its action, but would NOT be tied to the preset itself. Basically an "and" statement from a programming perspective. IA action must be pointed at the preset, and the preset must be present in the song. This would allow me use the same preset in a different song without the IA button following it, eliminating a TON of duplicate presets. If there is a better way to do this, please let me know!

Real world example:
I have a song that requires a momentary Inf Repeat from my El Cap. I can assign an IA button to the local page for the preset, but IA button will always follow that preset. I also use this preset on several other songs, but do not want the Inf Repeat IA, but rather, I want a different IA (boost). The only way around this that I can see is to duplicate the preset, with original copy in preset 1 and duplicate copy with different IA in preset 2. Im using a PCB 6x, so buttons are limited. Im basically suck creating duplicates of a ton of presets in order to not have persistent IA buttons on a per-song basis :(

Per-song button pages would be so very cool.