A new LT with the inputs/outputs on unit - no Mini Effects Gizmo...

Bill R.

I am putting together a new "small" pedal board for practices and jams. I have a large board with a PBC, and Ron has advised that PBC editing can be brought into an LT with appropriate changes, which would be great and save time.

My small board will have some of the same pedals as my large board, just fewer of them, and having something the size of the LT with maybe 1 or so more loops, with an "all included" inputs and outputs, would be awesome. Would save space and the cost/time involved in patching to a Mine effects Gizmo.

So the LT would become a PBC Junior? Or it would be standalone for needs like mine.


Bill... I would second that request, looking to build a smaller board with the HX stomp, which can manage all the routing and wet/dry/wet config, but need a few loops for some additional pedals.