Almost finished Rig


Hey here are a couple pics. Red Mini amp Gizmo on top of the Bogner controls...the '09 Bogner, hooked up midi to the RG-16. Space box is in Bogner loop. RG16 controls ch on the '12 Mesa Mk V. Axe II 4cm Mk V only (loop 5 front end loop 6 effects loop) Loop 8 is A/B A = Cable front of RG and B = Line 6 G90 wireless. Loop 1 feeds Bogner front Input, Loop 2 Front input Mesa Mk III. Mission pedal will go into GT Master. Dunlop pedal cable will be snaked with midi cable for GT. Cable job isn't really professional but believe it or not there is not any buzz/hum ground loops or noise at all. I think the Red GT Mastermind and Surf Green Mission will look good together and really pop on the board. '07 Les Paul Blonde Beauty, '07 Fender USA deluxe. Next is a '13 USA Deluxe Butterscotch Tele :)