Alternate between presets with expression pedal

The Full Nelsons

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Hello...using PBC 10 and trying to figure out how to alternate between two presets on PBC with expression pedal ( ie up is one preset down is the other). If I set up expression to system/preset/alternate it changes to alternate but then stays do I get it to toggle between the two presets?
To select an "off preset", you'll need to use a macro

Create a macro, add a System Preset / Previous action to it. Turn on "Force State To" and select "On"
Then, in your expression pedal action list, add a System / Macro off:x on:None, where x is the number of the Macro you created
Wow!! That’s a fast response... so the way that works is each time you rock pedal forwards it chooses the other preset (which is great ) is there a way to make heal up one preset and heal down the other?
Yes, just change the preset numbers as desired in each action. The System / Preset action in the expression pedal settings is the one that handles toe down, the one in the macro handles heel down.