Anyone using a Gizmo with an HX Effects?


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Does anyone here have a Gizmo working with an HX Effects? I'm trying to help a customer who's having trouble getting the two working together. In the past, Line 6 products have been plug and play - they come out of the box sending PCs on MIDI channel 1. I haven't worked with the HX Effects, so I don't know if it's different.

If you're using one, did you have to do any setup to get it working? Not sure if this person has an HX Effects with a bad MIDI output, we've verified that the Switch Gizmo is ok.
I had to go into the snapshots-> command center and set MIDI command to the amp channel then save on the gizmo. Then, you have to select the snapshot while on your preset and save it. It was confusing at first.
The issue I am having with my EVH III 100 watt head is that to switch to channel 3, i have to switch to channel 1 first. All other combinations work well. The rjm works flawlessly with my rjm midi controller, just not 100% with the line 6 HX as a controller.
The HX Effects might be sending more than one PC to the Gizmo.
I'm quoting this from memory, but I seem to remember there's a MIDI global channel setting, or something like that. Set that to something other than the channel that the Gizmo is set to. If the Gizmo is set to the default channel 1, then set the HX Effects to channel 2. Then, when setting up PCs in the HX's Command Center, make sure those are sent on the Gizmo's channel (channel 1 if you're using the default).