Audio Tap Tempo


Hi - I've got a button configured for midi tempo and it's working great for midi devices. However, I'd like to use the same button to send audio tap info to a Deluxe Memory Man Tap Tempo.

I've got an IA Action set to
Action Type: Audio
Sub: Fn Switch
Number : 4 (note 1 or 3 not selectable)
Off: Off
On: On

In IA Settings "Momentary" is checked.

Tried various combinations but not having much luck. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


Staff member
Yes, I'll have the "even numbers only" problem fixed very soon. What kind of cable are you using when you use function switch 4? A standard 1/4" cable won't work.


Thanks for the quick reply. I've tried both types of cables mono/stereo. But at the moment I'm using a stereo-y cable - and have tried both the tip and ring leads.


Kevin, am I understanding correctly that you not only have a midi clock set up for your whole board controlled by the pbc, but also have that midi clock firing out an analog tap tempo signal based on your clock setting? I was going to accomplish that with a disaster area smart clock. If I don't need it, I'd love to free that board space up.

I'd like to have presets with tempo programmed in to synchronize all my midi and analog devices. Id also like to be able to modify that tempo on the fly, mid song with a programmed tap tempo button that overrides that midi clock setting.

Based on what you're doing, is this possible you think?


sort of.. not exactly...

I have the stomp set to define the tap tempo / midiclock. Also, there's an action on it to fire the Func switch in a momentary fashion (e.g. analog tap tempo). When I stomp on it both the midi clock AND the Func switch fire off. What doesn't happen is that the midi clock is controlling the Func switch and always sending out a tap - I don't. So it can do two things at once - but only when I'm actually stomping on it. Make sense?