Auto Tap to send to two pedals PBC6X

Hey gang. Has anyone tried using the function jack on the PBC6X with a TRS splitter cable to send auto tap info to two pedals? I’m using a Strymon Volante and Mobius. For some reason using midi clock introduces clock noise into my rig that I can’t get rid of. The work around has been using auto tap to send BPM info to the Volantes expression jack. Hoping this will work out. Please chime in if you have tried this with success.


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If you have MIDI clock noise, there's some point in your system where the MIDI isn't shielded properly. Either a bad cable or improper shielding in a pedal or junction box.

Connecting to two pedals with one function switch jack may or may not work. Depends on the pedals.

Video #17, and to a lesser exent, #22 have information on this: