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Mastering the Mastermind Video Series

Our ongoing YouTube series, Mastering the Mastermind, is an ongoing series that explains how to use our Mastermind series of MIDI controllers, from the basics of connections and initial setup to deep dives into advanced features.

Current Episodes:

Episode 1: The Basics (overview of each Mastermind product)

Episode 2: Connections

Episode 3: MIDI Controller Basics (presets, banks, IA buttons, IA mode)

Episode 4: Using Button Pages

Episode 5: Basic Preset Editing

Episode 6: Button Editing Part 1 (using the editor to change buttons, preset button order, IA assignments, copy&paste)

Episode 7: Advanced Button Editing (using the full button edit screen, global buttons, preset index, min/max settings, Device PC -/+, colors, IA mode, IA settings)

Episode 8: IA Button Options (group, send on preset change, update on preset change, momentary, etc.)

Episode 9: Groups

Episode 10: Actions

Episode 11: Songs and Setlists

Episode 12: PBC Audio Settings

Episode 13: IA Cycle Buttons

Episode 14: More About Momentary

Episode 15: Expression Pedals

Episode 16: External Switches

Episode 17: Function Switches

Episode 18: Local Button Pages

Episode 19: Hold Functions

Episode 20: IA Cycle Linking and Grouping

Episode 21: Fixed Preset Buttons

Episode 22: Tempo