Baby Powerhouse


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Here is my 'will I gig in '21?' board. Tiny stages, low volume, schlepping too much gear, middling pay... Does not get better than that?

This is my working man's board, which means I have to know what each button does without memorizing. I have to be able to invoke the seldom used sounds with the same authority as I'd invoke a trem, as opposed to hunting for that whacky sound I use once a year that I hid under which screen? Just how much P-Touch tape can I have before it's all blends into an unusable mush?

Enter baby powerhouse:

The PBC6/x has all the analog effects as loops and, also controls a Morningstar MC3 controller that controls the MIDI effects and adds a much needed display for three buttons.

For example, my Mods button on the PBC cycles between 'pages' on the MC3, so that if I hit Mods, I see Bias, Harmonic, Leslie buttons on the MC3. If I hit Mods again, I see Flanger, Phaser, and Chorus buttons. Hit Mods again, and I'm back to Bias, Harmonic, and Leslie. In other words, one button on the PBC allows six presets with their own named display. I can get access to up to effects 12 using a single button on the PBC. The iridium button as another example cycles between the 'amps' page and the 'cabs' page.

Alternately, if I select the delays button on the PBC, I can then pick the specific delay I want on the MC3. I use this for presets and all manner of control. It's my poor man's way of getting the flexibility of extra displays in tiny footprint.

The H9 Max (end of the chain) and MS-50G (first in the chain) combination make a sick flexible combination.