Big shout out to Ron


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I recently had a catastrophic failure with my GT/22 due to a power supply issue.
The result was a couple of fried parts on two PCBs in the unit.
The unit was effectively now a door stop but Ron stepped up and sent me a couple replacement boards - all the way to Australia - with which I successfully restored my GT/22 aided by his instructional video.

I'm a big fan of business owners who stand behind their product and give fantastic after-sales service.

To anyone who'll listen I'll now be expounding the merits of RJM
a: a first class product
b: top notch after- sales service and,
c: hands -on forum participation by the guy who designs the products.

Cheers Ron.


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Same experience with RJM and its main man here. Ron and RJM are top shelf music professionals who understand what it means when a player's gear goes down. They treat you like it was their problem too. Not too often seen these days!


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My experience is exactly the same. When my unit GT 22 died, the RJM immediately resolved my problem in a very exceptional way. Immediately delivered to Europe (Slovakia). Fantastic customer service.


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How long has the GT22 been around? Is it 15 years? This is a fantastic track record and testament to such a good product and company!


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They treat you like it was their problem too.

Thanks guys, I try to make this stuff as perfect as I can, but if I can't always hit that mark, the least I can do is make sure that we do whatever it takes to get you back up and running.

It's "only" been about 7 or 8 years for the GT/22 which is pretty amazing in itself. That was the most intense development project I ever took on (so far). 15 years ago, I was working on the design for the first Amp Gizmo (our first released product).


Though I've never had any problems with my GT22, it's great to hear of such after sales support.

What I do find very impressive is the amount of interaction here on the forum between Ron and his customers. That; along with frequent firmware updates, shows a real passion for his products which is not seen with the huge corporate structured companies.

Bravo Ron, take a bow sir!