Big Thanks to Ron! Service Story....


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Hi All,

HNY and hope all are safe.

Back in the day, I took a punt and bought a Mastermind GT22 in the initial pre-order run. S/N#12, still in the black powder coat.

For many reasons during all of those years (job and kid related, mostly), the GT never even saw any use. I'd stuck with my Axess FX1 with the expander (anyone who dealt with Mario out at Axess would be aware of his legendary service, btw), knowing the GT would get it's turn when life settled down again.

Toward the middle of last year after finally deciding to use the MMGT, noticed one of the display screen wouldn't change color properly when I sat down to go through the basic learning process.

Contacted Ron, who diagnosed the fault, and organised me a new display strip to replace it.

I couldn't get it to work properly. Totally lost.

Ron was very patient with me, and over the course of several emails (I'm in Australia, returning it isn't very practical) diagnosed the issue as being down to my unit's age, having opposite polarity footswitches back in the day wouldn't work with the later revision display strips. Also having different Molex connectors.

Ron was very gracious, sending me out 6 switches for nix to match the new display strip, with detailed instructions explaining how to get the new strip compatible with my old MMGT. Many other companies can be real assholes about that type of thing, blow me off, try to make me buy another one or whatever.

Given that Ron only runs a small show, his dedication to helping me solve the problem was amazing.

Thanks Ron! You've a life long customer and user, here.


I second your endorsement of Ron and his business.
I had a major problem two years ago and Ron went above and beyond to help me out.
I too live in Australia. He sent me replacement parts.
Love hearing stories like this.. I had lots of Axess Electronics gear years ago and Mario spent many an hour with me walking through midi configurations and other support. Was so grateful for him and his company and was really bummed when he had to fold.

Just purchased a MMGT16 to control my Fractal AxeFxIII . One of my deciding factors was all the support I've seen on this forum from RJM and the concise instructional videos they have available. Having access to the developer/ manufacturer is priceless. Looking forward to a long relationship with this exceptional company.