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I would love to have this feature as well, and was just coming here to suggest it! I typically color code my presets, like red for high gain, yellow for mid gain, green for clean, and so on. Would be very handy to know what preset button is set for what function, versus memorizing or guessing.


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Would be groovy to have the off states be a dimmed version of the on colors.
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  1. I posted this a while back and got a response. Most likely Ron tried it without success, but it would be amazing if he could get it to work.

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    Would it be possible to add a dim option or levels of brightness to the LED indicators?
    That would essentially double my color palate as I could use the same color for off and on.
    Also is it possible to add any more colors like orange or pink?

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  2. rjmmusic
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    I'll have to look into that - it's possible to dim them, but doing that requires turning them on and off very rapidly, and that may create noise that the audio signal picks up. I'll try it when I can and see what happens.