Config file exported in JSON, XML, or other text-editable format


Feature request: PBC config/settings files saved/exported and imported in a human readable, text-editor editable format like JSON (preferably) or XML.


After a couple years of using the PBC for church sets and 2 gigging bands, I've run out of presets (because I store individual presets per song), and I'm struggling to clean up everything to make room using the Editor. While a bunch of features could make this easier:

* sort/filter presets & songs
* drag-n-drop multiple presets together when moving/changing order
* delete/clear selected songs & associate presets

...I'm instead using export and open options to try to rebuild things. This process also feels a bit cumbersome. It would be easier if I could save the full configuration to a file, open it in a text editor, make changes (like deleting old stuff, putting what remains in cleaner order), save and then reload into the PBC.