Device Setup for Generic Device Help


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I'm having some trouble setting up an EQ2 as a generic device. I'm just trying to get a preset bank up and preset bank down.

Under devices, I'm using MIDI Channel 3, PC Offset 1; I have Send PCs, Send Redundant PCs and Send PCs on Preset Change Checked; No Banks ? (I tried some different things here, but it didn't help), Max PC 128

Under the button itself, I have it setup as a momentary switch, device program change. The CC toggles are 80 and 82 for the EQ2. I wasn't sure what to put for the on and off values, but trying a few different things (going off of my Timeline and Big Sky) didn't help.

Anyone have some ideas for how to get this working. Thanks a lot!


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I recommend setting up Dev PC - and Dev PC + buttons on the PBC instead. These will let you move up and down through the pedals' presets, and will keep track of the active preset number on the PBC, displaying on the screen when you press one of the buttons. Just change your IA buttons to Dev PC - and Dev PC + type, and set the device to EQ2 on each.