Different Kind of Power Question


I'm looking at getting a MasterMind to run a small rack I have built, but want to run a few pedals on the same board as the MM. Is it possible to phantom power the MM, and use the power output jack to parallel the phantom power to another item on my board? If so, are there any power throughput restrictions to keep in mind?


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It is possible to do that. There is a resettable fuse in the Mastermind that will prevent more than 1 amp from going back out the power jack. If it does exceed that limit, the fuse will open and it'll need a few minutes to cool down before it will reset.

The only other thing to be aware of is the possibility of ground loops, but since the Mastermind doesn't have any audio going through it, that probably won't be an issue.


Thanks for the quick reply! I'd likely use no more than 200 mA, so that fuse shouldn't trip.
I absolutely love your idea of the DC power outlets in the GT, but those models would be complete overkill for this tiny rack.

FWIW, I have a power supply that converts 9VAC (how I will power the mastermind) into a few 9VDC outputs to power a wah and a tuner on the same board. Maybe some other musicians will be able to use this information as well for other unique ideas. :)