[DONE] I wish Looper Switches were disabled if preset has no Looper blocks


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I'd like to have all of the Looper related switches, function the same as the other IA type blocks. Ex. If I don't have Drive1 in a preset (for instance), the switch display for Drive1 is dark. I have Looper blocks assigned on six of my switches, on my GT22. I have the actual AxeFX Looper Block in a number of my presets. I don't always recall which presets have the Looper Block, and which one's do not, and it would be nice to not tap-dance (on the Looper switches) if a given preset doesn't have that capability.

I didn't find any other requests like this, but hope I didn't overlook something. Hope this makes sense.

Hey Ron,

On the layout I just built (4.8.1), my last page (pg 4) has my Looper buttons, and for some reason they are still displaying as if I have a Looper in my AF3 preset, in every preset, even when I do not.

Above you mentioned (May 11, 2022) this suggestion was added to the firmware in 4.8.0, which begs the question of whether that added code was accidentally (or otherwise) left off on the most recent (Mac) version of firmware?

I remember at least one occurrence when I was coding like a mother, only to find out I had two variants of my code. Some updates went into one of the variants, but all updates were not in either. Anyways, enough of the old work stories. I'm sure it was nothing like that for you, but I would be grateful if you might have a peek, to see what if the added code is functional, and if so, what I might have done to bypass it's function.

Cheers again,