[DONE] Preset Off Colors


It would be nice, if the presets would support button off colors. Button on colors are already supported.
This would open up very new possibilities to have more overview about a song. For now, it can be difficult to remember all the patches inside a song. Having off colors in the loaded presets would enable to color e.g. solo presets differently from rhythm presets. So after loading a song, there would be a better overview of the presets. In this case, I would go with the white color for the activated preset and different colors for the off colors.

For now, I often press bank up/bank down during a song to see my actual loaded preset colors, to remember my patches. This is not ideal.

Steven Denler

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Just came in to see if this was possible. Would absolutely love this feature. The ability to have all of the presets illuminated in the off-position would be so helpful to remember how many presets were designated to a specific song -- and if the off-position colors were color coded, to easily know which button to press for a specific part, while setting a specific color to indicate an "engaged" preset.

Please RJM make this happen!
Definitely wanting something like this as well. Either a different color or a dimmed LED, similar to what the Line 6 Helix hardware does.
Having this and/or being able to have a dimmed version of the LED would be awesome. Even if it was just the LED at 100% or 50% would open it up a lot!


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For what it's worth, this half works now. I have the "off" color set to "white" on all preset buttons, so when in a song, the "active buttons" (the ones that have a preset assigned) do show up white instead of "off" (or black) which makes it a lot easier to know how many presets the song has. But coloring them different based on the preset itself could also be neat.