Echosystem - Updated Manual & CC Values


As a user of the Echosystem I was incredibly thankful when the update came and incorporated it in the devices list. After using it for a while I noticed some of the CC's did not perform their intended function, I sent an email to Empress and they responded to me with an updated Echosystem manual with slightly different CC's than the original manual.

Most CC's are the same, however some have different values from the original manual and there appear to be some added.

It is a small thing and not very urgent, but could Mastermind editor be updated with these new CC's when possible?

This new manual is now available on their website, but I have added the file in the post.
Thanks so much!


  • Echosystem Manual 2 .pdf
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  • Echosystem Manual 2 .pdf
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Thanks for pointing this out, I'll update it. I have an Echosystem here now but have not tried it yet, hopefully it uses the updated CCs.