Effect Gizmo / AxeFX3 TR to TRS

Guy Vasey

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wondering how people connect the AXEFX left and right TS to the Effect Gizmo TRS for a stereo signal?

previously ive used a patch cable made by ProAudio LA, which works fine, but id rather use some kind of patch box

I made one for my TC2290's which works well, but whenever I connect my AxeFX I either get no left channel, or horrible squealing noise. happens especially when I engage a drive pedal on the AxeFX.

ive attached a few pics. excuse my soldering 'skills'. all the sockets have been isolated from the metal box with plastic washers and collars, I tested this with a multi meter.

I have read on the forums I need to earth one of the sockets, not sure which one to earth...? I didnt earth the TC2290 box and it works fine

im connecting to input and output 3 on the AxeFX which is the balanced 'hum buster' was wondering if this was the issue.

I dont use the amp or cab modelling, connecting to two AC30's so the AxeFx is just a virtual pedalboard. using a GT22 as well, which I must say is leagues above any other switchers on the market.

thanks in advance for help. :)


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The Humbuster may be the issue. What kinds of cables are you using to connect the box to the Axe-fx?

I have a stereo rig with two AC30's

I have tried both normal TS to TS and I just tried a humbuster TRS to TS (TRS end plugged into the AxeFx3). tried the ground lift on all the three EG's I have, cant seem to stop hum on the left channel. my output chain is EG>Radial Shotgun>L AC30#1 R AC30#2

all the sockets in the splitter box I made are isolated. I tested this with a multimeter. do I have to ground one perhaps?

thanks in advance