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Effect Gizmo - 'Pair', 'Set', mode (opposite of group mode)

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by munkywrench, May 12, 2016.

  1. munkywrench

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    May 12, 2016
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    (I have read the manual, sorry if I missed something)

    Hi RJM,

    Is it possible for Effect Gizmo to pair up two or more loops so that if one is turned on, they both/all turn on?
    When I bought my EG I thought it would do this, but I had wrongly assumed invert mode was an alternative of group mode.
    Group mode to me is 'Exclusive Set' - only one loop can be on in this set.
    I would like 'Set' mode - whole set turns on or whole set turns off.
    Possible through a firmware update? (I love my EG! This is the only nit-pick I can come up with :) )

    The application is for a noise gate trigger at loop 1, while the noise gate clamp is in loop 9 after my OD's and Preamp. I always forget to turn both on. There is a lot of quality control work in having to go through every loop and make sure I haven't made this mistake, as I run totally separate presets for every program throughout my rig (midi PC controlled everything).

    >Wah DB-01
    >EG input
    > Gate Trig loop 1
    > Overdrives loop 2-8
    > Diezel Herbert preamp (EG out5-8 to diezel input, diezel erial send to loop 9-12 in)
    > Gate clamp loop 9
    >comp (Drawmer m500)
    > EQ (TC1128)
    //parallel loop time effects TC G-force.

    I know I could wire it so it is permanently in circuit and doesn't use an extra loop for the clamp, but I'd like to get it out of signal chain when it isn't in use on clean sounds. And also, more critically, if I turn off loop 1 - the trigger, the gate shuts and I get no signal.

    For those that don't understand the best wiring for noise gates like the NS-2, or ISP decimator Pro Rack G - see 'NS-2 X pattern wiring'. You can google 'sidechain' or 'key input' if you are into post production for more explanation.

    The dynamics of the signal straight from the guitar is better for controlling the clamp than after it has been compressed / had its noise floor raised by dist/OD/gain stages.
    After your overdrives/distortions (heavy compression), the noise floor is raised/the dynamic range is reduced and presents trouble for a trigger to differentiate between noise floor and strings being touched.

    So noise gates do some things to handle this - frequency selective triggering (filter before the trigger so it triggers on guitar frequencies and not hiss), and separate the trigger and clamp. Trigger out front, and clamp after any noise producing or noise amplifying stuff.

    With this wiring you can get super aggressive gating ala djent, but still have accurate/reliable control of the clamp, and string feel that is every bit as good as having no gate in the signal path.

    The rig falls silent, but if you touch the strings as gently as you can, the gate snaps open. This is because the larger dynamic range of the guitar signal allows you to set the threshold down at that very low level of just barely disturbing the string. Makes the gate less intrusive both on attack and sustain/decay, and makes it very fast. All while running irresponsibly high gain on everything after the trigger and before the clamp, if that is your thing, I'm not the tone police.

  2. rjmmusic

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    Jan 18, 2010
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    There's no way to do that currently on the Effect Gizmo. what MIDI controller are you using?

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