Effect Gizmo response to CC inputs-"Toggle" mode??


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Hi, a prospective Buyer here. I’ve reviewed your FAQs and searched your Forum for clues on my question, but couldn’t find anything, so I’m submitting a new Post. My question regards how the Effect Gizmo *responds* in Momentary and Invert Modes. Your Manual on page 15 has a statement that’s given me a glimmer of hope.

My Amp (Roland VGA-7) has a smattering of built-in effects, and stores all settings in patches for MIDI recall, and I’m looking to supplement it with the Effect Gizmo and external effects the same way. The Amp's effect states can be recalled within the presets, but then modified (Use/Bypass) with CCs. What I love (and I don’t know how unique this is) is that CCs just *toggle* the effect state. So if a CC message comes in from a switch, it doesn’t matter *what* the value is. It just reverses whatever state the effect was in. (Out of curiousity, I sent it CCs from a CC pedal. I can hear the Amp “zippering” the audio as I move the pedal, as it’s rapidly toggling the effect In/Out at each new incoming value.)

I like this (using a switch ;)), as to minimize the number of unique patches I have to program, synchronize, memorize, and tap dance on, I plan on using Instant Access CCs for quickly modifying a core group of patches. And Roland’s approach means I’ll always get the transition on the *first* pedal press, whereas, if the Amp responded to the *value*, I might need a second foot-press to get the change I need. Not good.

So that’s the essence of my question – If I expand using the Effect Gizmo, can it work this way, from any generic momentary switch converted to a CC value? Page 15 says “Each Continuous Controller message has a value assigned to it. Values in the range of 0…63 will turn a loop or switch off, and values of 64…127 will turn it on” which unfortunately means it *won’t*. (Like the other products I’ve researched-Rocktron,Voodoo Labs, etc.) But the next paragraph “All Setup Mode options such as invert, group and momentary modes will be in effect when processing CC messages” gives me hope that the sentence is basically saying it *will*, if I set the Mode right for those effects. Can you help me sort this out?

I’m using a Roland FC-200 MIDI controller now, and considering buying the FC-300, but I’m also considering a Mastermind MIDI controller. So please also comment whether any handshaking between the Effect Gizmo and the Mastermind could effectively give me in essence the same thing. (Because the Mastermind might already *know* the loop state *before* it sends a new change message, so it can adjust the value accordingly before sending it out, so I get a "Toggle" result???)

I hope this is clear, and wasn’t too long-winded, but this (to me) seems to be a subtle nuance not easily researched. (The 2001 VGA-7 amp is the *newest* piece of gear I have, so I’ve got some catching up to do, on how things have evolved, and what "typical" operation is …)

Thanks for your time. Mike.


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ERRATA: My 4th paragraph should say (I think) " . . . work this way, from any generic latching switch converted . . .
Sorry, Mike.


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I'm sorry, there's no way to get the Effect Gizmo to do what you're asking - Loops always operate on the "0-63 off, 64-127 on" basis.