Effect gizmo stereo loop help


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Hello. I’m having trouble getting stereo out of one of the loops on my Effect Gizmo.

I have stereo left and right out of a line mixer that goes to loop 9 in with a TS-TS to TRS “Y” cable. The two TS ends are connected to the left and right outputs on the line mixer and the TRS end is connected to loop 9 in. I have another “Y” cable with the TRS end connected to loop 9 send and the two TS ends connected to the left and right inputs of a processor. The problem is I am only getting left signal from loop 9 send, nothing on right.

Loop 9 out is connected to loop 10 in with a TS to TS jumper. The reason I used a TS to TS for loop 10 is because the processor that is fed from loop 10 send is a mono input processor.

If I unplug the jumper from loop 9 out, I get signal on both left and right from loop 9 send.

Why does having a cable plugged into loop 9 out kill the right signal from loop 9 send?

Any help or suggestions on what I should change would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
The right side of the signal is getting shorted to ground on your TS-TS cable, and that's affecting the send as well. When you use a loop's send, but not its return, the loop input is always connected to the output, only the send switches on and off. With the ring of the in, send, and out jacks all connected together, and the ring of the out jack shorted to ground, they're all shorted to ground.

Mixing mono and stereo like that is tricky at best. With a TS-TS cable between loops 9 and 10, the stereo image from loop 9 will never make it to loop 10 and beyond.

I recommend the following: use a TRS-TRS cable to connect Out 9 to In 10. Then, you need what we're calling a ring disconnect cable. It's a mono cable with a TS plug on one end and a TRS plug on the other, but the ring is not connected to anything. Plug the TRS side into loop 10 send and the TS side into the input of your effect processor.

That will make sure only a mono signal hits the processor, but the stereo signal is everywhere else.
Understood 100%. Thanks very much for the reply! I'm still learning the Effect Gizmo and just completely re-configured my rig so this is great information.

Loop 10 is feeding the mono input processor and there is nothing in loops 11 and 12 which is why I initially used the TS jumper. I will do what you suggested and use a TRS-TRS jumper and TRS-TS cable for the processor input. This will make it easy if I ever re-configure again and/or need stereo into the other loops.

Thanks again!