Effect Gizmo with Mini Effect Gizmo


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I want to use loops1-4 in Effect Gizmo and a Mini Effect Gizmo (with 5 mono loops) in front of a KHE amp switcher.
What would be the best place to put the Mini Gizmo?

One of the amps in the switcher will be a rack controlled by using loops 5-12 in the Effect Gizmo, a splitter and a line mixer.
Loops 5-8 preamps and EQ to the line mixer, and 9-12 stereo effects with mono inputs from the splitter, and stereo out to the line mikser.
Will the stereo effects work with mono inputs? Other problems with the rig?
You can connect the guitar to the Mini Effect Gizmo first, then Mini Effect Gizmo to the Effect Gizmo. Or, you can reverse it, whichever is easier to wire.

I can't figure out how a splitter would fit in your rig. Typically, the Effect Gizmo acts as the splitter, with the loop sends going to the effect inputs, then the effect outputs go to the line mixer. In a case like this, you would wire all connections to the Effect Gizmo in mono. Only the connections from the effects to the line mixer and the line mixer output would be stereo.