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Extending functionality

Discussion in 'GT Wish List' started by Juraj, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. Juraj

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    May 30, 2018
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    Hello Ron. After a long period of satisfaction, I started to slightly modify my MMGT 22 layout (Fractal AXE Fx III player). I have a question / wish / idea ....
    Currently, the buttons have two modes, press or hold. It gives a lot of setup options, I'm fully satisfied.
    But if you could also integrate the double press function (with adjustable time), there would be even more setup options :)
    You're making a fantastic product, I'm a super excited customer. I understand that I demand a huge intervention in the firmware. Complete redesign of the program structure and architecture, which is now functional and without problems. Unfortunately, I don't even know if it's technically possible. I don't have a knowledge base for that.
    But if I am not mistaken, I have not seen any product offering what I am talking about. So ... maybe just an idea for the future.
    After all, you've already revolutionized the industry for working musicians, so why not again? :)
    I wish you a lot of energy and satisfaction in your working and personal life.
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