firmware update error

Victor Vos

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I tried to update the GT firmware. When I start up with 4.9.1 on a stick I get the error message: "error loading block 112" and more text, I can't read as it disappears...
And now it will not start up at all...
What should I do? I tried all firmware back to 4.7.0 but they all error the same...
I recommend trying a different flash drive. Also, when copying the file to the drive, make sure to select the Eject option on the computer before removing it, that makes sure the entire file is written to the flash drive.
Why not? Should I look for serial number? And what firmware would work? I also tried earlier versions..
Or do you mean that newer versions can update using the editor..? Don't know..
Are your flash drives formatted with FAT (PC) format? They won't work if they're Mac formatted.

You can find out about the firmware update capabilities by starting the GT with both of the small buttons under the main screen held in. It should display a Mastermind GT Bootloader message. Versions 2.0 and higher can perform a firmware update from the editor.
I'm not sure about my flash drives.. It worked before...I will try today on a windows machine.

I have version 1.2...
I found an old USB stick containing firmware 4.3 that worked before and tried starting up with that but I get the same error.
I'm afraid I'll have to say goodbye...
If you'd like to send the GT in (or just the main CPU board) to us, I'm sure we can fix it.
You're in Europe, right? I recommend sending just the CPU board (the one with all the connectors on it) to us. We have someone in Europe that fixes some things for us, but they're better at audio repairs. Something like this would be better for me to handle. Sending just the CPU board should keep the costs down.

Please email us at if you'd like to start the process.