Fixed Preset buttons and Local Pages



I use fixed preset buttons using IAs. I've found when trying to make a local page for one of the presets that it doesn't work. Is this a known issue or am I setting something up wrong?

I'm trying to get my "Drive" button to turn on one loop on my HXFX when the "Overdrive" preset(7) is selected and turn on a loop on my Voodoo Labs Hex when the "Crunch" preset(2) is selected.

I've uploaded my settings file. Fair warning it's probably a bomb site. I found a work around for the issue where a second press on a preset button didn't reset the preset when using fixed preset IAs which is why I've got system > preset > alternate in there as a step. It means that the preset will reset and then reapply.



  • Split Overdrive settings.rjs
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One thing that's missing is that you need "Auto Page Select" turned on in global settings. This lets the GT switch pages automatically when you change presets.

I do notice that some presets have Show Page set to Same Page. You'll probably want to change that to page 1 or another actual page number. If you were to start on preset 2, which specifies Local Page (aka Page 16), then switch to preset 1, which specifies Same Page, you would end up on page 16, which is empty in preset 1.
Hmm, I've updated that but it doesn't seem to work, the page switching works but it still turn on the original button settings rather than the local page edited button.