Glad to be here ~

Grey Bear

Hello out there fellow RGM fans and users! My name is Grey Bear Erickson I've been using Ron's products for about 18 years at this point. I've gone through lots of different gizmos, floor units, and three MM GT's. I've just started repurposing my mastermind GT from my Ableton rig to running my guitar rig again. I'm happy to move it over and I'm hoping I can get some questions answered from all of you here at the forum!

I'm also currently utilizing Ron's new mini affect gizmo Meg X units for my outboard pedals they're being used in conjunction with my AXE fxiii effects three.

I feel pretty familiar with the way Ron does things so if there's any help I could be on the forum I will always chime in. I really appreciate everyone else's knowledge and time and I'm excited to be on here finally.

Any other form related things that I'm not aware of, just let me know and I'll be happy to learn the ways ~

I've been running recording studio for 20 years, doing film and television composing, building guitars with my dad, and gigging and touring when the time is right. Glad to see so many people on here supporting Ron. I absolutely love his company and what he has established in the industry.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

Grey Bear