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GT16-AFX3 Expression set-up

Discussion in 'GT General Discussion' started by touch33, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. touch33

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    Oct 15, 2017
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    I have a Mission SP25M pedal that I'm finally connecting to my MMGT-16 and AxeFX III, and I just watched the RJM YouTube vid on "expression pedals" – seems simple enough. So, before I fall into the Rabbit Hole and/or attempt something more stupider:

    1) I'd like the SP25M to be able to control parameters for Volume, Wah, "Whammy" (Pitch) and Rotary speed (one at a time). Am I correct that the best way to do this is to use a GT16 button ("PEDAL") to turn the pedal function ON/OFF and then use the same button's HOLD functions set up with IACycle/Menu to select which parameter I'm controlling?

    2) Am I correct that I'd assign individual EXT controllers to the parameters I want (ala YouTube video) and then program those controllers via the IACycle/Menu to select the correct one with a 0-127 off/on range (or would the values be left at NONE)?

    3) Since the SP25M also has a momentary "toe switch", can I use this switch (plugged into SW1 on the GT16) to ALSO control the pedal ON/OFF status (and have the GT16 button text indicate when the pedal is ON with inverted text), i.e. have the GT16 button and the SP25M button work "in tandem"? I'm guessing the "IA LINK" function between the PEDAL button and the EXT1 button would facilitate this?

    Thanks for any info/links you can provide.


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