Hardware scroll knob.


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I know this is a hardware and software change, but it would be nice to scroll up and down (via a rotary encoder) through songs quickly to select the song. Because I have 80+ songs, getting between "Brass In Pocket" and "You May Be Right" is a tap dance that is no fun. Obviously, it's not a problem when I create a set list, but at rehearsals, I need all the songs available, in alphabetical order, so that I can scroll to the songs that are called out. This would be a nice hardware modification in the future.

Ron, I actually tried to make my own rotary encoder circuit that pulsed a couple of Reed relays plugged into the external switch inputs. I got a nice 200ms pulse to drive each relay via a rotary encoder (CW: relay 1, up count, and CCW: relay 2, down count), but it was inconsistent. Although I was providing consistent and stable 5VDC pulses to drive the relays (relay closures), the external inputs on the GT/10 (set to bank up and bank down) did not track well. It was a fun experiment, but didn't work well.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
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